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Lupus & Medical Marijuana: Things You Should Know

RM Lupus

Whether you are a lupus sufferer, a person with fibromyalgia, or a patient undergoing cancer treatment, it would seem impossible these days to go on your journey to recovery without coming across medical marijuana. And whether you are considering this as a viable facet of your treatment or not, it is always best to be informed, which is why we gathered some of the most important information on medical marijuana as suggested by the National Cancer Society. While we don’t hope to sway you in either direction, we do hope you will now be able to make a more informed decision. Enjoy.

It’s All About The Cannabinoids

Medical marijuana wouldn’t have any medical properties if it wasn’t for two of their active ingredients known as delta-9-THC and cannabidiol. Here’s where it gets interesting. It is the delta-9-THC that is the psychoactive property of the plant that gives people the “high” feeling, however, the other active ingredient, cannabidiol can help the immune and nervous system by decreasing inflammation throughout the body, without providing any high for the user.

Cannabis As Medicine Is Nothing New

Although it is only in recent years that medical marijuana has found itself in the mainstream, the use of cannabis for medicinal purpose dates back thousands of years.

Medical Marijuana Is Legal In Many States

While we know that a growing number of states are deciding to allow for recreational marijuana use, you may be glad to learn that many more states allow for medical marijuana use as long as the patient is registered.

Cannabis Has Killed Cancer Cells In Lab Tests

Clinical trials have been conducted and the research gathered shows that cannabis can kill cancer cells in the laboratory. Sadly, cannabis is not approved by the FDA as a viable cancer treatment.

Medical Marijuana Helps With Chemotherapy

As if having cancer wasn’t bad enough, sometimes it feels as though the treatment is worse; especially chemotherapy. Fortunately, marijuana has been proven to offer pain relief to patients, with some believing that it also provides relief from associated nausea and vomiting.

Talk To Your Doctor

With the influx of recreational marijuana dispensaries opening up in states all across the nation, the accessibility for marijuana is ever growing. However, if you are choosing to use marijuana for medicinal purposes, it is always advised that you do so under strict doctor supervision.