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Michael B. Jordan Gathers Celebrities For Lupus Fundraiser

RM Lupus

It’s always nice when a celebrity can use their influencing power to do good, which makes this news story that much more heartwarming. Michael B. Jordan, star of flick Creed II, recently gathered some of his high-profile friends, mixing fun arcade games and more, to raise money and awareness around the illness lupus, a condition that affects more than 1.5 million Americans.

Hollywood Reporter advised that on this third year of the annual event, the MBJam fundraiser is a bit different from those regular galas celebs are used to; however, in a lot of ways it can that much more effective. Taking place at Hollywood’s Dave & Busters, celebrities like Toni Braxton and Nick Cannon joined Jordan, along with over 250 lupus patients and families to enjoy a day of fun arcade games, activities, and more. Jordan’s mom Donna was in attendance, someone who also suffers from the disease.

Jordan launched the first MBJam fundraiser in 2017, and since has been able to raise thousands for the Lupus LA non-profit, which works on research for a cure of the disease, as well as raising awareness around the condition. 

Cannon, the emcee of the day, discussed his own journey with the illness, talking about being diagnosed in 2012. About two years after, Cannon reached out to Jordan, who had to deal with his mom finding out she had lupus. Both believe that building a community of those affected (directly and indirectly) by the disease is vital in terms of support. 

Scott Campbell of Shameless chimed in, stating that many are affected by the illness, and when patients see that Hollywood celebrities advocate for more awareness around the condition, they can feel less alone. Campbell lost a friend to lupus, and he believes when movie and TV stars rally around a cause, those who suffer from it can feel noticed. 

Other famous people who participated in the fundraising event included Storm Reid, Jaimie Foxx, Calum Worthy, and Miles Brown.