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Understanding How Belimumab Works

RM Lupus

Most lupus patients are treated with a group of medicines referred to as monoclonal antibodies. Because lupus is an immune system disease, most individuals suffering from the disorder have high protein levels in their blood. BENLYSTA is the type of monoclonal anti-body that binds itself to the specific protein associated with lupus and limit its activity in a person’s system. When used in conjunction with other lupus medications, it is particularly helpful.

The drug was developed by human genome sciences who work together in a comprehensive study and subsequently discovered a critical new pathway for monoclonal antibodies to be used. It was from this study that BENLYSTA was ultimately born. In many cases, only moderate doses of the medication are needed to protect organs such as the lungs, heart and kidneys from further attacks.

Additional Studies and Clinical Trials

The success of this type of belimumab medication has led researchers to conduct clinical trials to determine the various effects of using high doses of the medication in lupus sufferers who have particularly severe symptoms. During such studies, lupus sufferers are given the drug without cost as payment for their participation in the trial.

Scientists are hopeful that the results of these clinical trials will move them one step closer to developing more medications of this type, and possibly even a cure for this debilitating disease.